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The 4day TESOL training has come to an end. During the tense, full and happy 4 days, I have experienced and learned a lot. This training has benefited me greatly. Although the time is short, the training content has given me great help in teaching. My instructor is Alex. On the first day, he told us much about what makes a good teacher. There is a sentence I will never forget. A poor teacher complains, an average teacher explains, a good teacher teaches, a great teacher inspires. During the training, Mr Alex did inspire me a lot. I listened to his theoretical guidance, watched some teaching examples, personally experienced and participated in some activities. Mr Alex applied theory to practice, which made me understand what he said more deeply and thoroughly: Here are some of my feelings ang experience: First, I begin to re-recognize yourself.

pexels-max-fischer-5212655.jpgThrough study, I have made a new change in my thinking. As anEnglish teacher, I must have profound English knowledge, specific operation skills and good thinking quality.In the process of English inquiry, teachers should not take the teaching of English knowledge as their main teaching task and purpose. It is wrong to spend only the main energy on checking the students' mastery of knowledge, ignoring the different psychological characteristics of children's growth. Teachers should become members of the learning community, find answers together with children in front of questions, and become students' partners and intimate friends on the road of exploring English.

Second, I have a new understanding of English classroom teaching.
Through this training, I have learned more teaching skills. According to the different learning methods and abilities of learners of different ages, teachers should use learning methods that are more suitable for learners of all ages to achieve the purpose of efficient learning. During the training process, I learned about the teaching experience and sentiment of different teachers through communication and discussion, which let me have more new understanding and ideas about English classroom teaching. In the English class, teachers should not take language as the only object. Instead, through different tasks, they should combine the world around them to connect it with life, so that students can combine their English knowledge with real life and improve their English ability. Teachers should pay attention to interest in the overall goal of teaching, cultivate creativity and selfconfidence, and let children learn happily. Teachers should pay attention to creating learning environment and improving learning efficiency in curriculum implementation. Teachers should pay attention to participating in practice and innovative development in teaching mode and method. On the goal of language teaching, teachers should pay attention to the cultivation of language sense and communicative competence. In teaching evaluation, teachers should pay attention to the use of incentive mechanism and multiple evaluation. English teachers should possess the teaching skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. The training points out the direction of English teachers' efforts and defines the basic qualities that a qualified English teacher should possess.

_DSC8486.JPGThird, there has been a qualitative leap in the basic knowledge and skills of English.
This training of basic knowledge is undoubtedly a great gain for me. The courses of reading, listening, speaking and writing have made me make great progress. Especially the training of reading, from reading steps to reading skills and activities, I can clearly understand how to teach English reading. Now, I know the differences between scanning and skimming. I know the shadow reading, echo reading, shared reading and jigsaw reading. I know the KWL chart. All of these make me impressive. I used to think teaching reading is boring. But now I know teaching reading can be fun with appropriate strategies and methods. It is really a great harvest. Language learning only happens in meaningful and purposeful activities. Through the instructor's careful explanation, I learned how to teach English well in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The traditional English teaching methods make students have heavy pressure and won't feel happy in learning. In fact, the teaching of every ability can be very interesting. I was inspired by the practice of excellent teachers in the videos showed by my instructor. Most of time our students are reluctant to speak English because there is no safe language environment. Emphasizing vocabulary and grammar knowledge makes teachers often interrupt students' speeches in public, which makes students feel embarrassed. In the long run, students are reluctant to communicate in English in public. Therefore, to improve students' listening and speaking ability, we must first create a safe language environment for students. In a safe language environment, teachers pay attention to the content of communication rather than the correctness of vocabulary and grammar. By using selfability, students can improve their listening and speaking ability through continuous communication. Only in constant practice, students' oral ability will be continuously improved.

pexels-fauxels-3184317.jpgFourth, I have an overall understanding of the mastery of teaching materials.
As a front-line teacher, I know what kind of class is a good one, including teacher-student interaction, student subject, etc., but I think the key is to grasp the teaching materials. Through training, I understand that I want to use teaching materials to teach students, not teaching materials, and I can use teaching materials creatively, which can be deleted or increased around the curriculum standards. In addition, I need to train students' practical ability. That is, the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In the classroom, pairwork and groupwork should not only be practiced, but also allow every student to participate in it, so as to make the classroom atmosphere lively and orderly, so that students can find their own position and really like English class.
As an English teacher, I feel that the burden on my shoulders is heavier through this training. I am very grateful to our center for giving me such an opportunity to study. I will redouble my efforts, be diligent in thinking and focus more on analysis in future education and teaching, and I will strive to become a better English teacher.


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