有学员这样和我们说,拥有国际英语教师资格证让她腰板更直,更有自信,以前作为一名普通英语老师,经常因为评职称要写多篇论文,苦不堪言。持有TESOL证书后,她换了一份工作,摇身一变,成了一名国际英语老师,工作顺利,心情舒畅,原来的同事也很羡慕她,纷纷前来讨教。她毫不犹豫地向同事们推荐了泰孚国际教育。现如今TESOL证书是一种身份与学识的象征,持有TESOL证书在国外读TESOL专业可抵挡学分。 拥有TESOL证书也是面对外企招聘的重要砝码,70%在跨国英语教育机构要英语教师必须通过TESOL考试。90%的国内前一百强英语教育机构要求英语教学人员持有TESOL证书。


Mr Alex was an engaging and knowledgeable instructor who offered useful strategies which could be immediately implemented in the classroom.


This was a very smooth and coherent program. My tutor was very informative and her feedback on my assignments was very constructive. The lessons were very well structured and organized, which made it quite easy to follow the chapters. Although some of the educational videos could be more engaging, the content was relevant and useful. I tried to made most of this learning experience, and hope it can help me to achieve my career goals in future. I recommend taking this course to those people who are passionate about teaching with or without prior teaching experience.


Alex is a high energy instructor who walks the walk. He has the theoretical pedigree but doesn’t fall into the trap of relying on information delivery that many PD instructors rely on. Instead, he sprinkles the research backing when necessary but mainly has the participants practice the skills in a fun and interactive way.


It was a great investment. It adequately prepared me to teach English as a second language. I would suggest this course for teachers who want to teach English abroad.


This TESOL course was my first introduction to teaching methodology. As such, it was difficult at first for me to understand the role of the teacher, the role of the student, and how to maximize course effectiveness to achieve results in an ESL classroom. However, the 120-hour TESOL course includes plenty of review, and any additional course you may add to it provides a thorough synopsis of the main points of the TESOL course.


It is a very flexible program allowing for students to go at their own pace. My coach gave good feedback to assignments. The possible positions available upon completion seems very good, however I already had a job so didn't need to take advantage of the benefit.


I really liked the fact that the program was self-paced, so I was able to work while completing it. I learned how to better manage my time and pacing on lessons. I learned what NOT to say to ESL students.

I enjoyed the program and learned a lot from it. It was user friendly and I like that each unit built off of the previous one. The website provides resources for job searching and resume building.
Dear friends,
I profoundly appreciate and value the precious and remarkable times we spent together in the course of our training. It is said, “We part to meet and meet to part.” We may not study together forever, but we can be friends forever. In the light of this, let’s keep it up and going. Don’t stop the bus!
I would also like to extend my unreserved gratitude to Mr. Steven, for your amazing personality and exceptional sense of humor. Thank you so very much. Somehow, sometime, somewhere, we might meet again. I wish you all the best in all your endeavors and undertakings. God bless you all!
I really like my classmates. Without those particular people, I may not have enjoyed it as much as I did. I also really enjoyed learning something new. Steven always made sure we worked together and learned from each other, which is what I enjoyed too.
I have never taught before, but from this course I learned a lot about teaching. It takes much more work than I thought, but it’s very rewarding. I suppose how this training has changed me is that it gave me a bigger appreciation of teachers.
TESOL training has helped me a lot. It was a fun and exciting way of learning; never a dull moment. I will use all the lessons I have learnt to apply in my daily lessons and continue to uphold the aim of TESOL.
I love when the ‘Teaching is not learning’ part was introduced because it has given me so many ideas on how to teach effectively. Before I joined TESOL, I had a different thinking about teaching, but when I became part of it, my knowledge about teaching expanded. I truly recommend TESOL to everyone who has a heart for teaching. I have learned the most important lesson in TESOL which is “to involve students all the time.”
The spirit, engagement, collaboration, and communication were great in this course. It was very helpful to learn all the lessons. Big thanks to the trainer, Steven Lee. We couldn’t have passed the course without him.
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